Paragliding World Cup Warmup – Porterville Winelands Comp, South Africa

Hi All,

I’m ecstatic to announce a 6th overall place as a final result at the
2012 Winelands paragliding competition in Porterville, Western Cape, South Africa
yesterday! We flew 5 goal-tasks and over 330km in an ideal cross-country setting..
Paragliding World Cup 2013 Update
This competition had 75 entered – and many excellent, world-class pilots.

Until 15th position, I am the only pilot flying anything but a Niviuk
IP6  or an Enzo glider, both wings that all agree should outperform
the Swing Core 2 that I flew.

Hoping for a new glider (wink), I hope to do as well as the Paragliding World Cup (PWC) here in February 2013.

A Xmas present to myself :)

Wishing all of our passengers and their families an
Excellent Christmas and Happy new year!

Stef Juncker and Team,
ParaPax Tandem Paraglide Cape Town

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Best Holiday Activity in Cape Town – Tandem Paragliding from Lion’s Head

Your 2012 summer holidays, exclusive to your tandem paragliding experience in Cape Town, can be remembered through in-flight videos and pictures.
Gift vouchers
are also a great way to treat a loved one to an awesome extreme day out! This awesome outdoor activity is fun and safe for the whole family (or rather, ages 3 – 96).

The winds will return in favour of safe flying soon (a thermic birdie told us so) – a preview of what we’re to see:

Blouberg PPG in Cape Town


When the weather is less predictable, it is best call or e-mail in advance (sooner rather than later) to let us know when your holiday will be. We can thereafter plan and communicate your booking to ensure that you fly at the best and safest possible time.

Looking forward to putting a smile on your face :)
082 881 4724

Stef Juncker

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Bucket list item, extreme outdoor activities: Original Tandem Paragliding with ParaPax

We expect great flying weather to tandem paraglide in Cape Town, now especially suitable for long flights (cross-country) and year-end corporate incentive functions. We are the original Cape Town paragliding company, with over 12000 safe flights between our safe, qualified pilots. Our operating hours are 7am to 8pm, flying everyday, weather and light permitting…
The winds will be moderate, but consistent; ideal soaring conditions!

Services also available:
Paramotoring in Blouberg/Milnerton
Holiday gift vouchers
In-flight videos and pictures

Join us on Lion’s Head and Signal Hill for
“The Second Best Thing You’ll Ever Do!”

082 881 4724
Stef Juncker

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Parapax tandem paragliding review – awesome experience in Cape Town

Auf dem Signal Hill angekommen entdecke ich als erstes eine junge Frau auf dem Weg zu ihrem ersten Paraglideflug. Ich beobachte, wie sie abhebt und durch die Lüfte schwebt. Was mich daran erinnert, dass “Fliegen” hier in Südafrika noch ganz oben auf meiner Wunschliste steht. “Möchtest Du auch mal?” – werde ich angesprochen. “Klar, will ich!” Sofort fangen meine Augen an zu leuchten. Eine Stunde später laufe ich mit Stef, dem Besitzer des größten und ältesten Paraglide-Unternehmens in Südafrika den Lionshead hinauf. Ich werde fliegen, ich werde mir einen Traum erfüllen! Am Startplatz angekommen rüstet mich Stef für den Flug aus, gibt mir Instruktionen und erklärt mir ganz genau, wie der Start vonstatten gehen wird.

Da es ein Tandemsprung ist, sind wir auch miteinander vergurtet und müssen als Team agieren. Stef kümmert sich in meinem Rücken um den Schirm und ich laufe mit ihm im “Gepäck” den Berg hinunter. Der Wind greift den Schirm und wir heben ab, die Beine zappeln in der Luft. Direkt in diesem Moment ist jede Nervosität verschwunden. “Ich fliege!” – ein unglaubliches Gefühl und mit Worten kaum zu beschreiben.

Ich bin mir ganz sicher, dass es keine schönere Stadt als Kapstadt auf der Welt gibt, wo Paragliden so aufregend und so besonders ist: Die Berge, das Meer, der Blick vom Stadion bis hin zur Traumküste vor Camps Bay. Die Welt von oben zu sehen ist wunderbar. Wir gleiten dahin und Glücksgefühle durchströmen mich. Stef filmt unseren Flug und fragt immer wieder, wie ich es finde. Für mich ist es das großartigste Erlebnis überhaupt. Diese Leichtigkeit, das Gefühl von absoluter Freiheit und diese unbeschreibliche Ruhe. Ich bin der glücklichste Mensch auf Erden und beschließe direkt, dass das nicht mein letzter Flug gewesen sein wird.

Wir gleiten weiter über die Stadt und ich darf nun das “Ruder” übernehmen. “Zieh etwas mehr rechts” und schon drehen wir in der Luft. Mein Herz schlägt vor Freude, ich habe Tränen in den Augen und kann noch gar nicht richtig glauben, was ich hier gerade mache. Stef ist die Ruhe selbst und erzählt, wie er zum Paragliden kam und was es für ihn hier so besonders macht. Ich vertraue seiner Routine und erhalte letzte Instruktionen als wir uns unserem Ziel, dem Sportfeld zwischen CampsBay und Clifton nähern. Entgegen meiner anfänglichen Skepsis ist die Landung total einfach. Man läuft noch ein paar Schritte und schon ist der Schirm auf dem Boden und mein Abenteuer beendet. Ich komme aus dem Schwärmen gar nicht mehr heraus. Paragliden in Kapstadt ist für mich eines der schönsten und großartigsten Erlebnisse meines Lebens. Und ich bin mir ganz sicher, dass ich eines Tages wieder hier abheben werde.

Translated this is:
I Arrived at Signal Hill and discovered a young woman on her way to her first Paragliding tandem flight. I watch as they lift off and float through the air. Which reminds me that “flying” in South Africa still on top of my wish list is. “Do you want to too?” – I am approached. “Sure, I will!” Immediately, my eyes light up. An hour later, I walk with Stef, the owner of the largest and oldest Paragliding company in Africa up to Lionshead. I will fly, my dream come true! Arriving at the launch site Stef upgraded me from a standard to a longer flight, then giving me instructions and explained to me exactly how the launch will take place.

Since it is a tandem jump, we are strapped together and must act as a team. Stef and I walk with the “bag” (the 20kg on his back) up the mountain. The wind catches the glider and we take off, our legs dangling in the air. Right at this moment any nervousness disappeared. “I’m flying!” – To describe an incredible feeling, and by words.

I’m sure that there is no more beautiful city in the world as Cape Town and where paragliding is so exciting and so special: the mountains, the sea, the view of the stadium and up the dream coast to Camps Bay. The world is wonderful to see from above. We glide along and happiness flows through me. Stef is filming our flight and keeps asking how I find it. For me it’s the greatest experience ever. This ease, the feeling of absolute freedom and this indescribable peace. I am the happiest woman on earth and decide right away that this will not have been my last flight.

We fly further over the city and I can now take the “toggles”. “A little more to the right” and already we’re shooting up in the air. My heart beats with joy, I have tears in my eyes and still can not quite believe what I’m doing here. Stef is so relaxed and cool and talks about how he came to paraglide professionally and what it means for him. How he found himself here after university and clowning and how appreciative and lucky he feels. I trust him totally and get last minute instructions as we approach our landing, the La Med (Bungalow restaurant) sports field between Camps Bay and Clifton. Despite my initial skepticism, the landing is totally soft and easy. You walk a step and you’re down safely, the wing on the floor and my adventure ends. I love the films made. Paragliding in Cape Town is for me one of the finest and greatest experiences of my life. And I’m sure that I will stand here again one day.

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The Best or Top things to do in Cape town – Tandem paragliding with parapax

Find the best view in Cape Town

The 2012 summer holidays wouldn’t be complete without a tandem paraglide or Paramotor from Lions Head. You can also treat someone to a gift voucher for xmas or their birthday and it may be the best gift voucher they ever get! We can easily cater for large end of year corporate incentive / team building parties. Enquire about our group specials for a corporate fun day unlike any other.

Parapax is the original and best paragliding company in South Africa – the exhilaration and euphoria may be overwhelming :)

A happy passenger commented the other day; that paragliding was like “standing at the edge of a swimming pool” – if you’d known that the water wasn’t cold and that swimming is a lot of fun, you would jump in more often!
Once having left the mountain, your fear dissipates

Conveniently close (it doesnt’ get any closer!) to the city centre and completely unique, we’ll be able to use all of our experienced instructors to handle the whole group with ease.
Our biggest to date is 63 pax flown in an afternoon, using 16 pilots

Although the SE wind is in today (Cape Doctor), we had excellent wind to paraglide yesterday and tomorrow & Friday looks excellent to fly in Cape Town, too.

Lions head and Signal Hill will be full of paragliders. Watch out for our Parapax pilots on the mountain – paraglide with us and see why our paraglider pilots are the worlds best. Cape town is amazing and to see it from the top is SUPER AMAZING!

Show us your bucket list – paragliding paramotoring(ppg) is the top of outdoor adventure, extreme activity in Cape town.

082 881 4724
Stef Juncker


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Tandem Paragliding conditions in Cape Town today – Soarable!

The 2012 holidays are in full swing and the days getting longer and hotter - Summer weather has arrived! The flying conditions on Signal Hill improved greatly as the day went on as we were able to “indefintely” soar at Signal Hill and “The Bench” (beyond Lions Head, on Signal Hill Drive). Tandem paragliding pilots and passengers did many “top landings” – meaning we landed, after playing on the hillside, in the same place we took off from! Pilots took great joy in searching for prevailing drafts (from Seapoint – Atlantic Ocean) and thermals (from the warm mountain below) and passengers enjoyed acrobatic, sustained flights.

Every day in Cape Town presents new conditions and opportunities -
so call in advance to arrange the best possible time to fly, and you may just enjoy yourselves as much as we did :)

082 881 4724
Stef Juncker

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Holiday in Cape Town

Your paragliding holiday in Cape Town can be captured in high resolution to cherish and share. We have had the best weather for sustained/acrobatic flight
and some rainy days too.
After almost 2 weeks of no-fly winds and rain, we started to flip through our albums and reminisce over the adventures of last summer. Captured on our in-flight camera, here is
the view we had of Hermanus:

Hermanus is a beautiful town near to us that offers endless lift for tandem paragliders from the Indian Ocean breeze deflecting up the mountain. Because it is raining there too, we have danced around the car and prayed to the rain spirit, and we are confident that the winds will eventually wane.
When the weather is less predictable, it is best call or e-mail in advance to let us know when your holiday will be. We can thereafter plan and communicate your booking to ensure that you fly at the best and safest possible time.

Looking forward to putting a smile on your face :)
082 881 4724

Stef Juncker

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Paraglide from Lions Head

We have witnessed some of the first hang gliders of the season at “The Bench” takeoff on Signal Hill drive! This launch site offers generous lift and long flight times when “working” properly – ideally there is a gentle breeze coming over Seapoint from the Atlantic Ocean. These guys are extremely skilled (and careful) – they are able to fly much faster than us, and in stronger winds.
Here a pilot (can someone identify him?) stands anxiously, waiting for a consistent launching wind.

Paragliding also takes advantage of winds and thermals, but is far safer for commercial flying. We are able to spend less time on the launch site waiting for a consistent wind, as the glider is launched above our heads (it pulls gently upwards, and flies) before we run and paraglide off the mountain.


Our pilots are of the most experienced in South Africa, with 10 000+ flights each, so safety is always a priority. Once in the air, our happy passengers can relax and enjoy the beautiful Cape Town view. Unless you ask the Parapax pilot otherwise, the ride is gentle and the landing slow and soft.

We look forward to putting a smile on your face, so please book your flight at
082 881 4724

Stef Juncker

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Weekend bookings

Exhilarating and safe!

Above, Stef and Tendai dream of soaring like “real” eagles!
Good news for those wanting to paraglide in the Cape Town City Bowl this weekend: we look forward to gentle winds and sunny skies. Tandem Paragliding requires these two things not only for safety, but for longer flights and a chance for sharper turns. We fly every day from 7am to 8pm, so Join us on Signal Hill Drive for a life changing experience :)


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Heard of Paramotoring?

Parapax would love you to join us for Paramotoring in and around Cape Town!

The Paramotor is like an  aircraft engine, except worn backpack-style and designed to change  a paraglider wing to a Powered Paragliding (PPG).

We Paramotor tandem at :

  • Dolphin Beach
  • Strand Beach
  • Muizenberg
  • Goedverwacht, Durbanville


Join us for Paramotoring this season! You will just love it…

Call us: 082 881 4724
Regards, Stef Juncker


Find us on Google+

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